PAK vs NEP, Asia Cup 2023 Updates: Babar Azam and Iftikhar Ahmed Dominate with Mind-Blowing Century

PAK vs NEP, Asia Cup 2023 Updates: Babar Azam and Iftikhar Ahmed Dominate with Mind-Blowing Century

The Asia Cup 2023 witnessed an electrifying clash between Pakistan (PAK) and Nepal (NEP) at the iconic Multan Cricket Stadium. The match showcased an enthralling display of cricketing prowess, with Pakistan setting a formidable target for Nepal. Let’s delve into the thrilling moments and batting brilliance that unfolded on the pitch.

1. PAK vs NEP: Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan’s Steady Partnership

The match kicked off with PAK losing their openers in the powerplay. However, skipper Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan steadied the innings, defying Nepal’s bowling attack. Their partnership aimed to lay a strong foundation for the team’s total.

2. Rizwan’s Departure and Airee’s Direct Hit

After an impressive partnership, Rizwan’s stay on the pitch was cut short at 44 runs, courtesy of a direct hit by Nepal’s Airee. The wicket marked a crucial breakthrough for Nepal, injecting a twist into the game.

3. Babar Azam and Iftikhar Ahmed’s Resilience

Babar Azam continued to showcase his captaincy and batting prowess as he shared the pitch with Iftikhar Ahmed. Their partnership demonstrated resilience and determination, with both players looking to capitalize on every opportunity.

4. Explosive Innings and Momentum Shift

As the match progressed beyond the 30-over mark, the momentum took a dramatic turn. Babar and Iftikhar launched an explosive batting display, taking charge against Nepal’s bowlers. Their aggressive approach put pressure on the opponents and changed the dynamics of the game.

5. PAK vs NEP: Babar Azam’s Record-Breaking Century

PAK vs NEP: Babar Azam and Iftikhar Ahmed Century - Asia Cup 2023
PAK vs NEP: Babar Azam and Iftikhar Ahmed CenturyAsia Cup 2023

In a spectacular feat, skipper Babar Azam not only scored his 19th century but also achieved the remarkable milestone of completing 150 runs in the match. His batting masterclass left the spectators in awe and set the stage for a challenging target.

6. PAK vs NEP: Iftikhar Ahmed’s Maiden Century

Joining the celebration, Iftikhar Ahmed accomplished his maiden century and remained unbeaten. His contribution to the team’s score added a layer of depth to Pakistan’s batting lineup and reinforced their dominance.

7. PAK vs NEP: Pakistan’s Commanding Total

At the end of 50 overs, Pakistan amassed an imposing score of 342 runs, losing just 4 wickets. The remarkable batting performances of Babar Azam and Iftikhar Ahmed propelled Pakistan to set a challenging target for Nepal.

8. Nepal’s Chase and Pakistan’s Victory Aim

As the second innings commenced, all eyes were on Nepal as they aimed to chase down the substantial target set by Pakistan. The pressure was on Nepal’s batting lineup to rise to the occasion and mount a successful chase.

9. Babar Azam and Iftikhar Ahmed’s Impact

Babar Azam’s exceptional innings laid the foundation for Pakistan’s victory push. His leadership and batting prowess were pivotal in shaping the course of the match. Likewise, Iftikhar Ahmed’s maiden century added crucial runs to the total and showcased his potential as a dependable middle-order batsman.

10. Babar’s Departure and the Final Push

Despite Babar Azam’s dismissal in the penultimate over, he had played a defining role in setting the tone for the Asia Cup 2023. His departure marked the end of a remarkable innings that would be remembered in the annals of cricket history.

11. Iftikhar Ahmed’s Historic Century

Iftikhar Ahmed’s century was a historic moment for both him and Pakistan cricket. His unbeaten knock showcased his composure under pressure and his ability to anchor the innings, making him a valuable asset for the team’s future endeavors.

12. PAK vs NEP: The 300-Run Milestone

The explosive partnership between Babar Azam and Iftikhar Ahmed propelled Pakistan beyond the 300-run mark. The milestone was a testament to the team’s aggressive intent and their determination to set a monumental target.

13. A Battle of Boundaries and Sixes

Babar Azam and Iftikhar Ahmed’s partnership was characterized by a flurry of boundaries and sixes. Their calculated aggression put Nepal’s bowlers on the backfoot and showcased the modern style of ODI cricket.

14. The Aura of Babar Azam’s Captaincy

Babar Azam’s captaincy shone throughout the match. His strategic decisions, combined with his exemplary batting, inspired the team and set the stage for Pakistan’s dominant performance.

15. A Legacy of Resilience and Dominance

The PAK vs NEP encounter in the Asia Cup 2023 left an indelible mark on the tournament. Pakistan’s commanding total of 342/4 showcased their dominance, while the performances of Babar Azam and Iftikhar Ahmed underscored their resilience and skill.


In conclusion, the PAK vs NEP match in the Asia Cup 2023 was a thrilling spectacle of cricketing brilliance. Babar Azam’s record-breaking century, Iftikhar Ahmed’s historic maiden century, and the explosive partnership between the two players defined the match. Pakistan’s commanding total set a challenging target for Nepal, highlighting the team’s prowess. As the cricketing world witnessed this captivating clash, it was a reminder of the magic that unfolds on the cricket field.


How many centuries has Babar Azam scored in his career?

Babar Azam has scored 19 centuries in his ODI career.

What was the final target set by Pakistan for Nepal?

Pakistan set a target of 343 runs for Nepal to chase.

Where did the match between PAK and NEP take place?

The match was held at the Multan Cricket Stadium in Pakistan.

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