Multan Cricket Stadium Pitch Report, Results & Stats

Multan Cricket Stadium Pitch Report, Results & Stats

The Multan Cricket Stadium, located in the heart of Multan, Pakistan, is a well-known cricketing venue. It has hosted numerous domestic and international matches, captivating cricket enthusiasts with its intriguing pitch conditions.

Location and Background

Multan, a city with a rich cricketing heritage, boasts a stadium that has witnessed some memorable contests over the years. Surrounded by passionate fans, the stadium creates an electrifying atmosphere during cricket matches.

Pitch Characteristics

Soil and Composition

The pitch at the Multan Cricket Stadium is typically composed of red soil. This type of soil provides good bounce and encourages seam movement, making it a challenging surface for batsmen.

Weather Conditions

The weather in Multan can be extreme, with scorching heat during the summer months. The dry and hot weather can cause the pitch to crack and assist spin bowlers as the match progresses.

Pitch Type

The Multan pitch is best described as a dry, subcontinent-style pitch, which tends to deteriorate as the game advances, offering assistance to spinners.

Bounce and Pace

The pitch in Multan is known to provide consistent bounce, allowing batsmen to play their shots with confidence. However, it can also favor fast bowlers with good pace and bounce.

Spin-Friendly Conditions

As the match wears on, the pitch’s dryness results in cracks and rough patches, aiding spin bowlers in extracting turn and bounce.

Historical Patterns

Historically, the Multan pitch has favored teams that bat first, as it becomes increasingly difficult to bat on as the match progresses.

Impact on Batting

Shot Selection

Batsmen at the Multan Cricket Stadium need to be selective with their shot-making, as reckless strokes can lead to quick dismissals.


Good footwork is essential for batsmen to tackle both pace and spin on the Multan pitch effectively.

Adjusting to the Pitch

Batsmen need to adapt quickly to the conditions, especially if the pitch is offering considerable turn and bounce.

Challenges for Bowlers

Seam Bowlers

Seam bowlers find initial movement off the pitch, but they must focus on maintaining discipline and exploiting any assistance offered.

Spin Bowlers

Spinners come into play as the match progresses, capitalizing on the rough patches and unpredictable bounce.

Multan Cricket Stadium Notable Matches and Records

Multan Cricket Stadium Notable Matches and Records
Multan Cricket Stadium

The Multan Cricket Stadium has been a witness to some memorable matches and exceptional individual performances over the years.

Ground Dimensions and Boundary Size

Understanding the ground dimensions and boundary size at Multan is crucial for both batsmen and bowlers to strategize their game.

Pitch Preparation and Maintenance

Groundsmen play a vital role in preparing the pitch to ensure a fair contest between bat and ball.

Multan Cricket Stadium and Home Advantage

The home team often leverages the advantage of understanding local conditions and the pitch, making them a formidable force at the Multan Cricket Stadium.

Pitch-Weather Interaction

The interaction between pitch conditions and weather is a fascinating aspect that influences the game’s outcome.

Pitch Curators and Their Role

Pitch curators’ expertise is essential in producing a track that offers an even contest between bat and ball.

Tips for Fantasy Cricket

For fantasy cricket enthusiasts, understanding the pitch and its behavior can be a game-changer.

The Future of Multan Cricket Stadium Pitch

With the evolving nature of the game, the Multan Cricket Stadium’s pitch may see changes in its behavior in the future.

Multan Cricket Stadium ODI Results and Stats

Match StatisticsTotal
Total Match Played10
Batting First Won5
Batting Second Won5
Avg. Score in 1st bat255
Highest ScorePakistan 323/3
Lowest ScoreZimbabwe 148/10
Scoring PatternCount
Below Score 2001
Score between 200 and 2493
Score between 250 and 2994
Above Score 3002

These statistics provide insights into the outcomes of the 10 matches played, including the number of matches won by batting first and second. It also shows the average score in the first innings, highest and lowest team scores, and the scoring pattern based on different score ranges.

Multan Cricket Stadium T20I Results and Stats

Match StatisticsTotal
Total Match Played0
Batting First Won0
Batting Second Won0
Avg. Score in 1st bat0
Highest Score
Lowest Score
Scoring PatternCount
Below Score 1500
Score between 150 and 1690
Score between 170 and 1890
Above Score 1900

These statistics indicate that no matches have been played yet, resulting in all fields being empty or showing a count of 0. The table provides an overview of the match outcomes, average score in the first innings, highest and lowest team scores, and the scoring pattern for various score ranges, which are all yet to be determined as there have been no matches played so far.


The Multan Cricket Stadium’s pitch is a captivating canvas where the drama of cricket unfolds. Its unique characteristics challenge players and make it an intriguing venue for cricketing contests.

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Is the Multan Cricket Stadium pitch favorable for batsmen?

The pitch in Multan tends to be more challenging for batsmen as the match progresses due to increased spin and uneven bounce.

Does weather play a significant role in pitch behavior?

Yes, the hot and dry weather in Multan can cause the pitch to crack and assist spin bowlers as the match advances.

How do spin bowlers fare at the Multan Cricket Stadium?

Spin bowlers find assistance in the later stages of the game, utilizing rough patches and unpredictable bounce to their advantage.

Are there any notable records at the Multan Cricket Stadium?

The stadium has witnessed some remarkable individual performances, contributing to notable records over the years.

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