Kandy Cricket Stadium Pitch Report, Results & Stats

Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Pallekele: The Kandy Cricket Stadium in Sri Lanka has become an iconic venue known for its breathtaking matches and intriguing pitch conditions. In this article, we will delve into the pitch report of the Kandy Cricket Stadium, exploring its characteristics and how they influence the game. Let’s step onto the hallowed turf and discover the secrets that make this pitch unique.

The Kandy Cricket Stadium, nestled amidst the lush green hills of Kandy, is a picturesque venue that has witnessed some remarkable cricketing moments. Before we explore the pitch report, let’s understand the significance of pitch conditions in the game of cricket.

Understanding the Role of a Cricket Pitch

A cricket pitch is the central strip of the playing field, where the bowler delivers the ball to the batsman. It plays a crucial role in determining the game’s dynamics, offering various challenges to both bowlers and batsmen.

Kandy Cricket Stadium – A Brief Overview

Kandy Cricket Stadium - A Brief Overview
Kandy Cricket Stadium

Before we delve into the pitch details, let’s take a quick look at the Kandy Cricket Stadium’s history and its impact on Sri Lankan cricket.

The Geographical Influences

The stadium’s location in the heart of Sri Lanka has a significant impact on the pitch’s characteristics. The region’s climatic conditions and altitude influence the behavior of the pitch.

The Nature of the Pitch

The pitch at the Kandy Cricket Stadium is well-known for its lively and bouncy nature. The ball tends to carry well to the wicketkeeper and slip fielders, providing an exciting contest between bat and ball.

The Pace and Bounce

The pace and bounce of the pitch often favor fast bowlers who can extract extra bounce and movement off the surface. Pacers with good carry through the air enjoy bowling here.

Spinners’ Paradise

Despite its pace-friendly nature, the Kandy Cricket Stadium pitch also offers assistance to spinners as the game progresses. Spinners who can vary their pace and extract turn find success here.

The Impact on Batting

Batting at the Kandy Cricket Stadium demands resilience and adaptability. Batsmen must be cautious during the initial overs when the ball tends to swing and seam. As the pitch wears, stroke-making becomes relatively easier.

Challenges for Batsmen

The early movement and bounce pose challenges for the batsmen, especially against high-quality fast bowlers. Playing late and close to the body becomes crucial to survive the early onslaught.

Flourishing with Patience

As the pitch settles, batsmen can capitalize on their patience and build substantial innings. Stroke-play becomes more fluent, and scoring opportunities increase.

The Impact on Bowling

Bowlers enjoy the conditions at the Kandy Cricket Stadium, where both pacers and spinners find something in it for them.

Fast Bowling Tactics

Pacers who can consistently bowl in the right areas and extract bounce trouble the batsmen. Seam movement is common early on, making swing bowlers lethal.

Spinner Strategies

Spinners often play a crucial role in the latter stages of the game. Varying the pace, flight, and trajectory are essential to deceive the batsmen.

Notable Matches and Records

Over the years, the Kandy Cricket Stadium has witnessed some thrilling contests and exceptional individual performances. Let’s take a look at some notable matches and records set at this venue.

Iconic Matches

Recall some of the most thrilling matches that left cricket fans on the edge of their seats and showcased the true spirit of the game.

Memorable Performances

Celebrate the achievements of cricketing legends who left an indelible mark with their exceptional performances at the Kandy Cricket Stadium.

Asia Cup, 2023 matches scheduled at this venue

Time (GMT)MatchGroup
08:30BAN vs SL, 2nd MatchGroup B
08:30PAK vs IND, 3rd MatchGroup A
08:30IND vs NEP, 5th MatchGroup A

These matches promise to be thrilling encounters, as teams from different countries compete against each other in the prestigious Asia Cup tournament. Cricket fans around the world eagerly await these matches to witness the battle of skills and determination on the hallowed turf of the Kandy Cricket Stadium.

Kandy, Pallekele International Cricket Stadium ODI Results And Stats

Total MatchesMatches Won (Batting First)Matches Won (Bowling First)Average 1st Innings ScoreAverage 2nd Innings ScoreHighest Total RecordedLowest Total RecordedHighest Score ChasedLowest Score Defended
361520250202363/7 (50 Ov) by RSA vs SL70/10 (24.4 Ov) by ZIM vs SL314/6 (49.4 Ov) by SL vs AFG206/9 (36 Ov) by WI vs SL

These statistics provide valuable insights into the historical performance of teams at the Kandy Cricket Stadium. The venue has seen some remarkable matches, with both batting and bowling teams finding success over the years. It’s an excellent reflection of the dynamic nature of cricket and the competitive spirit that the sport brings to life.

Kandy, Pallekele International Cricket Stadium T20I Results And Stats

Total MatchesMatches Won (Batting First)Matches Won (Bowling First)Average 1st Innings ScoreAverage 2nd Innings ScoreHighest Total RecordedLowest Total RecordedHighest Score ChasedLowest Score Defended
23128168149263/3 (20 Ov) by AUS vs SL88/10 (16 Ov) by NZ vs SL178/2 (18.4 Ov) by PAK vs BAN125/8 (20 Ov) by SL vs NZ

Kandy, Pallekele International Cricket Stadium Test Results And Stats

Total MatchesMatches Won (Batting First)Matches Won (Bowling First)Average 1st Innings ScoreAverage 2nd Innings ScoreAverage 3rd Innings ScoreAverage 4th Innings ScoreHighest Total RecordedLowest Total Recorded
941323317273241648/8 (179 Ov) by SL vs BAN117/10 (34.2 Ov) by SL vs AUS


The Kandy Cricket Stadium’s pitch is a paradise for cricket lovers, offering a fine balance between bat and ball. Its unique blend of pace, bounce, and spin provides an enthralling experience for players and spectators alike.


How does the Kandy Cricket Stadium pitch differ from other pitches in Sri Lanka?

Unlike many other pitches in Sri Lanka, the Kandy Cricket Stadium offers a bit more bounce and pace, making it an exciting challenge for both batsmen and bowlers.

Are spinners as effective as pacers on this pitch?

Yes, as the game progresses, the pitch becomes more spin-friendly, providing an opportunity for spin bowlers to make an impact.

What is the best time of the day to bat at the Kandy Cricket Stadium?

Batsmen generally find it easier to bat during the afternoon sessions when the pitch tends to settle down.

How does weather impact the pitch at Kandy Cricket Stadium?

Weather can play a significant role, with overcast conditions assisting swing bowlers and dry weather aiding spinners.

How has the pitch evolved over the years?

The pitch has evolved to become more balanced, providing opportunities for both bowlers and batsmen to excel.

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