Asia Cup 2023: India vs Pakistan Match Who Will Win? Sourav Ganguly Prediction

Asia Cup 2023: India vs Pakistan Match Who Will Win? Sourav Ganguly Prediction

Regarded as the mother of all battles, the India vs Pakistan match has always thrilled fans across the globe. And to the delight of cricket fanatics around the world, the Asian giants will collide in the Asia Cup 2023, set to commence on August 30.

Get Ready for a Huge Match: The Asia Cup 2023 Showdown

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Cricket enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the Asia Cup 2023, which promises an epic clash between arch-rivals India and Pakistan. This anticipated event is scheduled to kick off on August 30, igniting the fervor of millions of fans.

Sourav Ganguly’s Diplomatic Prediction for the India vs Pakistan Asia Cup Match 2023

India vs Pakistan Match Who Will Win? Sourav Ganguly Prediction
Sourav Ganguly

Amid the mounting excitement, former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly has stepped into the limelight with his predictions. Known for his cricketing acumen, Ganguly offered his perspective on the outcome of the impending showdown, but he did so with his characteristic diplomacy.

India and Pakistan Both Teams Stand Tall

Ganguly acknowledged the prowess of both Indian and Pakistani cricket teams, refraining from favoring either side. He emphasized that both teams possess remarkable skills and that victory would favor the team that performs better on the given day.

“The One Who Plays Better Will Win” – Sourav Ganguly

In a press interaction held in Kolkata, Sourav Ganguly shared his insights, stating,

“It is very difficult for me to choose a favorite. They are both good teams. Pakistan is a good team, and of course, India is a very good team. There are no favorites; whoever plays well will win the game.”

Sourav Ganguly

Ganguly’s Views on Team Composition

  • Sourav Ganguly didn’t limit his comments to just predictions; he also delved into the strategic aspects of the game.
  • He expressed satisfaction with Jasprit Bumrah’s return to the field before the much-anticipated event.
  • Bumrah’s experience and skill, Ganguly believed, would significantly contribute to India’s performance.

The Axar Patel Factor

Speaking about the team composition, Ganguly touched upon the decision to include Axar Patel. He reasoned that Patel’s versatility as an all-rounder was a vital asset.

Axar Patel
Axar Patel

Ganguly also justified the omission of Yuzvendra Chahal, highlighting Patel’s batting abilities as a contributing factor to his selection.

Yuzvendra Chahal
Yuzvendra Chahal

The Countdown Begins

As the countdown to the Asia Cup 2023 continues, cricket aficionados are abuzz with anticipation. The match between India and Pakistan is scheduled for the third group-stage fixture of the tournament, set to take place on September 2 in Pallekele.

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In Conclusion

The India vs. Pakistan match in the Asia Cup 2023 is not just a game; it’s a spectacle that unites fans and captivates a global audience. Sourav Ganguly’s diplomatic prediction only adds to the intrigue, leaving cricket enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the clash of these titans on the cricket field.


When is the India vs. Pakistan match?

The match is on September 2, 2023.

What did Ganguly say about the players?

Ganguly liked that Bumrah is back and thinks Patel is a good choice.

Why is the India vs. Pakistan match a big deal?

People get really excited about this match because India and Pakistan are big rivals in cricket.

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