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G20 Summit : Congress Leader Pawan Khera vs. Delhi BJP Leader Vijay Goel, Hoarding Controversy Ahead of G20 Summit

G20 Summit : In a recent controversy, Congress leader Pawan Khera accused Delhi BJP leader Vijay Goel of displaying a hoarding featuring cutouts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other global leaders based on their popularity rankings ahead of the G20 Summit in Delhi. However, the BJP has swiftly countered Khera’s claim, denouncing it as “fake news” and asserting that the hoarding is old.

The Hoarding Controversy Unfolds

Pawan Khera’s Critique in G20 Summit

Pawan Khera took to social media to express his criticism of Vijay Goel’s hoarding. The hoarding congratulated PM Modi for being hailed as the “world’s most popular global leader.” Khera questioned the appropriateness of this display in welcoming the esteemed guests of the summit.

The Morning Consult Report

Earlier this year, the ‘Morning Consult’, a US-based global leader approval tracker, reported PM Modi’s remarkable approval rating. An astounding 78 percent of India’s adult population expressed their support for him, catapulting him to the top of the list. The survey, evaluating 22 world leaders, placed PM Modi firmly in the lead. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Swiss President Alain Berset followed in second and third place, respectively.

Timing of the Controversy

Pawan Khera’s criticism of Vijay Goel comes on the eve of the arrival of G20 leaders in New Delhi for the G20 Summit scheduled on September 9 and 10. Dignitaries such as US President Joe Biden, Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are set to commence their arrivals in Delhi from September 8.

The BJP’s Response

Amit Malviya, the head of the BJP’s IT department, swiftly countered Khera’s critique. He stated that the hoarding was not a recent installation, pointing out that the Congress party was using an old picture to launch an attack on the PM Modi-led government at the Centre. Malviya characterized the Congress party’s criticism as “shameful” and underscored that it reveals the opposition’s dearth of substantive critique and their engagement in divisive politics.


The hoarding controversy between Pawan Khera and Vijay Goel serves as a prelude to the significant G20 Summit, drawing attention to the popularity of world leaders and the political narratives surrounding them. This incident showcases the intensity of political discourse in India, especially in the lead-up to major global events.

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Is the hoarding controversy an isolated incident?

No, such controversies often arise in the political sphere, especially in the lead-up to significant international events.

What is the significance of the Morning Consult report?

The report highlights the popularity of world leaders, providing valuable insights into their global standing.

How has the BJP responded to Pawan Khera’s criticism?

The BJP has dismissed the claims, stating that the hoarding is not new and accusing the Congress party of using an old picture for political gain.

Why is the timing of the controversy important?

The controversy coincides with the arrival of G20 leaders in Delhi, amplifying its significance on the global stage.

How does this controversy reflect the broader political climate in India?

It underscores the robustness of political discourse in India, especially in the lead-up to major international events, and highlights the polarized nature of political debates.

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