G20 Summit 2023

G20 Summit 2023: India’s Inclusive Presidency Reshaping the World

In a powerful address at the G20 Leaders’ Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for unity and trust-building in the face of the Russia-Ukraine war. He emphasized the need for global leaders to come together for the greater good, drawing parallels with the successful battle against the Covid pandemic.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for unity and trust-building in the face of the Russia-Ukraine war

The Call for Global Solidarity

Overcoming the Trust Deficit

PM Modi acknowledged the profound trust deficit that has emerged in the wake of recent conflicts. He stressed that just as the world rallied to defeat Covid, it can also triumph over this trust deficit caused by the war.

Walking Together for Global Good

Modi’s call for collective action resonated throughout the summit. He urged leaders to rise above political and ideological differences and work towards shared goals for the betterment of humanity.

The African Union’s Landmark Inclusion

Strengthening the G20 Family

Under India’s G 20 presidency, the African Union achieved a historic milestone by becoming a permanent member of this influential global coalition. PM Modi expressed his honor and highlighted how this inclusion will bolster the voice of the Global South.

India’s Economic Ascendancy on the Global Stage

Record-Breaking Valuation

India’s stock market recently soared to an all-time high valuation of $3.8 trillion, setting the stage for the G 20 Summit. This achievement reflects the country’s robust domestic growth and ongoing policy reforms.

India’s Role in the Joint Leaders’ Declaration

Diplomatic sources revealed that India circulated a new paragraph among G20 countries to address the Ukraine conflict in the joint leaders’ declaration. This move underscores India’s active engagement in finding solutions to global challenges.

The People’s G 20 Presidency

PM Modi emphasized that India’s G20 presidency has evolved into a symbol of inclusivity and unity, both within the nation and on the international stage. With over 200 events in more than 60 cities..

Concrete Solutions for Global Challenges

From economic instability to security concerns, PM Modi called for concerted efforts to find concrete solutions. He highlighted the need to address a wide range of issues, from food and fuel management to cybersecurity and health.

The Global Significance

The G20 represents a formidable economic force, accounting for 85% of the world’s economic output and 75% of world trade. It also encompasses two-thirds of the world’s population, amplifying PM Modi’s message of inclusivity.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s impassioned address at the G20 Leaders’ Summit underscored the urgency of global unity in the face of pressing challenges. His call for turning the trust deficit into confidence serves as a rallying cry for leaders worldwide.

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What is the significance of the African Union joining the G20?

The African Union’s inclusion as a permanent member of the G20 marks a significant expansion of the influential bloc and strengthens the representation of the Global South.

How did the Indian stock market contribute to India’s presence at the G20 Summit?

The Indian stock market’s record high valuation of $3.8 trillion provided a strong economic backdrop for India’s participation in the G20 Summit, showcasing the country’s growing global influence.

What role did India play in addressing the Ukraine conflict at the G20 Summit?

India took proactive steps by circulating a new paragraph among the G20 countries, highlighting its commitment to finding diplomatic solutions to the Ukraine conflict.

How did India’s G20 presidency promote inclusivity and engagement?

India’s G20 presidency was marked by over 200 events held in more than 60 cities, creating a people’s G20 and fostering a sense of inclusion and togetherness.

Why is Prime Minister Modi’s emphasis on concrete solutions significant?

By emphasizing the need for concrete solutions to global challenges, PM Modi underscores the importance of practical, actionable steps in addressing complex issues.

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