From Journalism to Marriage: Parakala Vangamayi’s Fairy Tale Wedding

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman‘s daughter, Parakala Vangamayi, celebrated her wedding in an intimate ceremony held at her Bengaluru home on 8th June. The wedding was a joyous affair attended exclusively by close friends and relatives. Notably, political party leaders were not invited to the private ceremony, as reported by various sources. While some accounts suggest the wedding took place at a hotel in Bengaluru, the heart of the celebrations unfolded within the cozy confines of the family home.

Traditional Brahmin Wedding

In line with the customs and traditions of the Brahmin community, the wedding ceremony was meticulously conducted. Seers from the renowned Udupi Adamaru Mutt graced the occasion with their presence and bestowed their blessings upon the couple. The wedding proceedings unfolded according to the Vedic order prescribed by the Adamaru Mutt, adding an auspicious touch to the ceremony.

Elegance in Attire

The bride, Vangamayi, looked resplendent in a stunning pink saree paired with a complementary green blouse. The groom, Pratik Doshi, opted for the traditional white Pancha and shawl, exuding an air of grace and simplicity. Adding to the elegance, Nirmala Sitharaman, the mother of the bride, adorned herself in a Molakalmuru saree, radiating a sense of timeless beauty.

Parakala Vangamayi’s Journey

Parakala Vangamayi is a woman of many accomplishments. She holds a master’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern Medill School of Journalism, a renowned institution. Presently, she channels her expertise and passion for writing as a valued member of the Books and Culture section of Mint Lounge’s features department. Prior to her current position, Vangamayi made significant contributions as a features writer for The Hindu, further solidifying her prowess in the field.

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Pratik Doshi: A Proficient Officer

The groom, Pratik Doshi, originates from Gujarat and holds a crucial role as an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Doshi’s association with the PMO dates back to 2014, coinciding with Narendra Modi’s first term as the Prime Minister. With his expertise in research and strategy, Doshi serves as a valuable asset, ensuring the smooth functioning of the office. Previously, during PM Modi’s tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Doshi worked as a research assistant in the Chief Minister’s office, further amplifying his experience.

A Strong Mother-Daughter Bond

Nirmala Sitharaman and Parakala Vangamayi share a special bond, which the Finance Minister has openly acknowledged. In September 2019, on the occasion of Daughter’s Day, Sitharaman shared a heartwarming throwback picture with her daughter, accompanied by a touching caption. In her tweet, she referred to Vangamayi as a friend, philosopher, and guide, showcasing the deep connection and admiration they share.


The wedding of Parakala Vangamayi and Pratik Doshi was a celebration of love and tradition. With the ceremony conducted as per Brahmin customs, the couple received blessings from seers associated with the Udupi Adamaru Mutt. The wedding attire reflected elegance and grace, with Vangamayi and Doshi adorning traditional outfits. Vangamayi’s accomplished career in journalism and her mother’s pride in her achievements add depth to their relationship. The union of Parakala Vangamayi and Pratik Doshi marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with love, joy, and shared aspirations.


Were any political leaders invited to the wedding?

No, the wedding ceremony was attended only by close friends and relatives. Political party leaders were not among the invitees.

Where did the wedding take place?

While some reports suggest that the wedding took place at a hotel in Bengaluru, the core of the celebrations unfolded within the comfort of the bride’s home.

What is Parakala Vangamayi’s educational background?

Parakala Vangamayi holds a master’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern Medill School of Journalism, a prestigious institution known for its excellence in the field.

What is Pratik Doshi’s role at the PMO?

Pratik Doshi serves as an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), where he looks after research and strategy.

How would you describe the bond between Nirmala Sitharaman and Parakala Vangamayi?

Nirmala Sitharaman has often expressed her strong bond with Parakala Vangamayi, describing her as a friend, philosopher, and guide. Their relationship is characterized by deep admiration and mutual support.

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