Emergency :The Political Drama “Emergency” Sheds Light on India’s History

Emergency : India’s political history is replete with significant events and powerful leaders who have shaped the nation’s trajectory. One such pivotal period is the 21-month internal Emergency imposed by former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi from 1975 to 1977. Capturing this tumultuous era, actress Kangana Ranaut steps into the role of Indira Gandhi in the political drama titled “Emergency.” Directed and co-produced by Ranaut herself, the film aims to enlighten the younger generation about this critical chapter in India’s past. Let’s delve into the details of the movie and its notable cast, as well as its importance in bringing history to life on the big screen.

Unveiling the Plot and Production

“Emergency” focuses on the imposition of the internal Emergency in India during 1975-1977. This period witnessed a suspension of civil liberties, censorship of the media, and the incarceration of political opponents, leading to a climate of fear and unrest. Ranaut takes on the challenging role of Indira Gandhi, portraying the former Prime Minister with her characteristic depth and intensity.

In addition to starring in the film, Ranaut also produces “Emergency” alongside Renu Pitti. The screenplay is penned by Ritesh Shah, based on a story conceptualized by Ranaut herself. With this film, she endeavors to shed light on a crucial historical event that she believes the youth of India should be familiar with.

The Stellar Cast and their Roles

This movie boasts an impressive ensemble cast, comprising talented actors who bring life to pivotal figures from that era. Here are some of the notable roles in the movie:

  1. Kangana Ranaut as Indira Gandhi: Known for her versatility, Ranaut steps into the shoes of the formidable Indira Gandhi, the iron-willed Prime Minister who invoked Emergency.
  2. Anupam Kher as Jayaprakash Narayan: Anupam Kher portrays Jayaprakash Narayan, a prominent political opponent of Indira Gandhi, who played a vital role in organizing the resistance against the Emergency.
  3. Shreyas Talpade as Atal Bihari Vajpayee: Shreyas Talpade brings to life the charismatic Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who emerged as a key opposition leader during the Emergency and later became India’s Prime Minister.
  4. Satish Kaushik as Jagjivan Ram: Late actor Satish Kaushik essays the role of Jagjivan Ram, a prominent Dalit leader who stood against the Emergency and played a crucial part in the fight for democracy.
  5. Mahima Chaudhry as Pupul Jayakar: Mahima Chaudhry portrays Pupul Jayakar, a close associate and cultural advisor to Indira Gandhi, providing insights into the political and cultural dimensions of the time.
  6. Milind Soman as Sam Manekshaw: Milind Soman portrays Sam Manekshaw, a distinguished military leader known for his integrity and strategic acumen.

A Significant Chapter in India’s History

This movie serves as a cinematic window into one of the darkest and most significant chapters in India’s history. Ranaut expresses her belief that it is essential for the younger generation to understand this period and its impact on the nation’s democracy and civil liberties. By bringing this extraordinary episode to the big screen, Ranaut aims to engage audiences and foster a sense of historical awareness.

The film is produced by Ranaut’s production company, Manikarnika Films. As a debut production, their earlier venture, “Tiku Weds Sheru,” starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Avneet Kaur, garnered attention and can be streamed on Prime Video.


This movie holds the promise of not only providing cinematic entertainment but also offering a profound understanding of a crucial period in India’s political history. Through the meticulous portrayal of characters and the exploration of their roles during the Emergency, the film aims to enlighten audiences about the importance of safeguarding democracy and upholding civil liberties. Ranaut, along with the talented cast and crew, endeavors to capture the essence of the era and engage viewers in a thought-provoking narrative.

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When does the movie “Emergency” release?

The release date for “Emergency” has not been officially announced yet. Stay tuned for updates from the filmmakers.

Is “Emergency” based on true events?

Yes, the movie “Emergency” is based on the real-life events surrounding the imposition of the 21-month internal Emergency in India between 1975 and 1977.

Who is the director of the film “Emergency”?

Kangana Ranaut, the lead actress, is also the director of “Emergency.”

Are there any other historical films by Kangana Ranaut?

Yes, Kangana Ranaut has previously appeared in historical films such as “Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi” and “Thalaivii,” portraying iconic figures from Indian history.

Where can I watch “Tiku Weds Sheru”?

“Tiku Weds Sheru” is available for streaming on Prime Video. Don’t miss this engaging romantic comedy-drama starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Avneet Kaur.

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