Chandrayaan-3 : ISRO’s Ambitious Lunar Mission Nears Milestones

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) continues to make strides in its lunar exploration with the Chandrayaan-3 mission. The latest update shared on the microblogging site ‘X’ (formerly known as Twitter) by ISRO chairman S Somanath indicates promising progress.

He stated, “Chandrayaan-3 is functioning very well. All the instruments, systems on board are very healthy and we are able to bring it down very correctly this time. The orbit changes are happening as planned, with no deviation. It shows excellent results, and we are hoping that things continue to go smoothly.”

A Successful Orbit Reduction Manoeuvre

ISRO’s GSLV Mark 3 (LVM 3) heavy-lift launch vehicle successfully executed a planned orbit reduction manoeuvre, bringing the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft closer to the Moon’s surface. The retrofitting of engines facilitated this movement, positioning the spacecraft at an orbit of 170 km x 4313 km. This achievement was a significant step towards the lunar mission’s objectives.

Next Operation and Images of the Moon

The space agency has scheduled the next orbit reduction operation for August 9, between 13:00 and 14:00 hours IST. This operation will continue the meticulous journey towards the Moon’s surface. Alongside these updates, ISRO shared captivating images of the Moon captured by Chandrayaan-3. The images were taken during the Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) on August 5, 2023.

Chandrayaan-3’s Lunar Gravity Experience

On a historic note, Chandrayaan-3 conveyed a remarkable message to ISRO after it entered the lunar orbit. The message read, “I feel the lunar gravity,” signifying the successful execution of a maneuver that brought it closer to the Moon. This achievement was a testament to ISRO’s technical prowess and marked a crucial milestone in the ambitious ₹600 crore mission.

The Upcoming Operations and Landing Plans

Following the successful maneuver of Chandrayaan-3 on Sunday, there are three more planned operations scheduled until August 17. Subsequently, the Landing Module Vikram, carrying the rover Pragyan inside, will detach from the Propulsion Module. De-orbiting maneuvers will be conducted on the lander, paving the way for the final powered descent onto the Moon’s surface.

A Race Against Time

Chandrayaan-3 has covered approximately two-thirds of the distance to the Moon since its launch on July 14. The upcoming 18 days hold immense significance for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The mission’s smooth progression has inspired confidence, with the Vikram lander anticipated to achieve a soft landing on the lunar surface by August 23.


ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 mission showcases India’s commitment to advancing space exploration. The mission’s latest updates highlight the successful execution of intricate maneuvers and bring us closer to the momentous achievement of a soft lunar landing. As the journey continues, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in India’s space exploration saga.

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What is Chandrayaan-3’s objective?

Chandrayaan-3 aims to achieve a soft landing on the lunar surface, specifically targeting the lunar south pole.

Why is the orbit reduction manoeuvre crucial?

The orbit reduction manoeuvre is essential to position the spacecraft at the desired orbit, ensuring a successful landing on the Moon.

What is the significance of the lunar gravity message?

The lunar gravity message indicates that Chandrayaan-3 had entered the Moon’s gravitational pull, a crucial step in its journey.

When is the soft landing expected to occur?

The Vikram lander’s soft landing on the lunar surface is anticipated to take place on August 23.

What are the implications of Chandrayaan-3’s success for ISRO?

Chandrayaan-3’s success reinforces ISRO’s technical capabilities and contributes to India’s achievements in space exploration.

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