Bhola Shankar : Bhola Shankar’s Review, A Rollercoaster Ride

Bhola Shankar review : In the world of cinema, the combination of a legendary actor and an aspiring director often raises expectations to unprecedented heights. Chiranjeevi and Meher Ramesh have embarked on a venture to remake Ajith’s acclaimed movie, “Vedalam,” marking their first-time collaboration. For Meher Ramesh, a die-hard fan of the Megastar, this is not just a film; it’s a golden opportunity for his comeback as a director after a prolonged hiatus. Let’s delve into the journey of “Vedalam” remake, exploring whether Meher Ramesh has managed to leave his mark and breathe new life into this cinematic endeavor.

Bhola Shankar Review : Unveiling the Plot

The tale unfolds with a grim backdrop of woman-trafficking, setting the stage for a gritty narrative. Shankar (Chiranjeevi) arrives in Kolkata with his sister Maha (Keerthy Suresh) for her education. As Maha is enrolled in college, Shankar adopts the profession of a taxi driver to make ends meet. The Kolkata police enlist the aid of taxi drivers in their pursuit of solving woman-trafficking crimes, eventually leading Shankar to a crucial clue that entangles him in a web of danger.

A Twist of Relationships

Amidst the unfolding chaos, a love story emerges. Lasya (Tamannah), an advocate, discovers Shankar’s hidden activities and his history of violence. This discovery prompts her to oppose her brother’s love interest in Maha. Shankar’s past, his motivations for coming to Kolkata, and his determination to dismantle the crime network behind woman trafficking form the core of the narrative.

Performances that Shine

In the realm of performances, Chiranjeevi undoubtedly stands as a pillar of strength. Despite the film’s shortcomings, his charisma, dances, and mannerisms manage to captivate the audience for a substantial duration. Keerthy Suresh as Maha performs her role adequately, although her screen time is limited. Tamannah’s effervescent presence adds a lively dimension, but her impact remains modest. The supporting cast, including Vennela Kishore, Getup Srinu, and Sreemukhi, unfortunately, fail to engage due to the constraints of their characters.

Meher Ramesh’s Approach

Meher Ramesh’s directorial prowess and writing choices, unfortunately, fall short. The film’s reliance on an outdated and routine template does not bode well for its favor. The director’s attempt to recreate the magic of the original “Vedalam” lacks innovation and freshness, resulting in a narrative that struggles to maintain its appeal.

The Resilience of Chiranjeevi

Chiranjeevi’s involvement in remakes is not a novelty; however, his recent ventures, including “Khaidi No 150” and “Godfather,” have faced diminishing returns. “Bhola Shankar” finds itself in a similar trajectory, with Chiru’s grace being a significant saving grace. His dance sequences and impeccable comedic timing are undeniable highlights, proving that he can still hold an audience’s attention with his magnetic presence.

A Lapse in Style and Substance

Unfortunately, the film’s style and substance take a hit. While Chiranjeevi’s performance manages to infuse energy, the overall narrative struggles with predictability and a lack of emotional engagement. The villains and their sequences fail to create a lasting impact, leaving viewers disconnected. Despite the visual richness contributed by the cinematography, the background score fails to elevate crucial moments.

Remake Blues

“Vedalam,” as a 2015 film, deserved a refreshing upgrade for its remake. However, “Bhola Shankar” fails to break free from the shackles of an older format, leading to disappointment. The formulaic approach, lack of high moments, and absence of goosebump-inducing scenes contribute to the film’s shortcomings. The anticipated resurgence for Meher Ramesh in the realm of directing has been missed.


In a venture that seemed promising with the collaboration of Chiranjeevi and Meher Ramesh, “Bhola Shankar” falls short of expectations. While Chiru’s presence and performance manage to salvage some moments, the film as a whole struggles to resonate. The remake endeavor lacks the innovation and emotional depth required to make it a memorable viewing experience. Meher Ramesh’s return to the director’s chair becomes a missed opportunity to breathe new life into a classic storyline.

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How many times has Chiranjeevi starred in a remake?

Chiranjeevi has been part of several remakes, including “Khaidi No 150,” “Godfather,” and now “Bhola Shankar.”

What are the standout performances in “Bhola Shankar”?

Chiranjeevi’s charismatic presence and dance sequences shine through, capturing the audience’s attention.

Does “Bhola Shankar” manage to reinvent the original storyline?

Unfortunately, the film’s reliance on an outdated template and lack of innovation hinder its ability to reinvent the story.

How does Meher Ramesh fare as a director in this venture?

Meher Ramesh’s direction and writing choices fall short, failing to infuse the narrative with freshness and relevance.

What is the overall verdict on “Bhola Shankar”?

“Bhola Shankar” lacks the spark needed to make it a compelling remake, leaving viewers yearning for more.

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