Kohli vs Shaheen & Rauf in Asia Cup 2023, Shadab Khan Responds To Ajit Agarkar

Kohli vs Shaheen & Rauf in Asia Cup 2023, Shadab Khan Responds To Ajit Agarkar

The Asia Cup 2023 has set the cricketing world abuzz with anticipation as fans eagerly await the showdown between some of the sport’s biggest titans. However, amidst the excitement, a statement made by Ajit Agarkar, the chief selector of the Indian cricket team, has added an intriguing twist to the narrative.

During the squad announcement, Agarkar, alongside team captain Rohit Sharma, introduced the 17-member Indian team, with an additional traveling reserve player, Sanju Samson.

But it was Agarkar’s comment about India’s strategy against Pakistan’s key ODI bowlers, Shaheen Afridi and Haris Rauf, that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Unveiling the Strategy: India vs. Pakistan

In a press conference that was already buzzing with excitement, Agarkar’s statement managed to steal some of the limelight. The comment, delivered with a hint of confidence, ignited discussions and speculations about India’s game plan to counter the challenges posed by these formidable Pakistani bowlers.

Shadab Khan’s Skeptical Reply To Ajit Agarkar

While Agarkar’s comment may have elicited chuckles from the audience, it didn’t sit well with Pakistan’s versatile all-rounder, Shadab Khan. After Pakistan’s victory against Afghanistan in the third ODI in Colombo, Shadab was asked about his take on Agarkar’s statement.

Asia Cup 2023: Shadab Khan's Skeptical Reply To Ajit Agarkar

With a faint smile, Shadab dismissed the notion that words alone hold the power to determine outcomes on the cricket field. He emphasized the unpredictability of the game and stressed that actions on the field speak louder than words.

Words vs. Action: The Cricketing Truth

“It depends on a particular day, probably. Now, someone from India or me can make any claim, but those are just words. Anybody can say anything, and that doesn’t change or affect anything. When we have the match, then we might see what goes on,” Shadab remarked.

Shadab Khan

His response encapsulated the essence of cricket – where performance on the field is the ultimate measure of truth.

Kohli’s Record and Shadab’s Challenge for Asia Cup 2023

Despite Shadab’s reservations, the India-Pakistan rivalry has consistently produced high-stakes and intense matches. Virat Kohli, India’s premier batsman and captain, has often risen to the occasion when facing Pakistan’s top bowlers.

Shadab Khan
Shadab Khan

His exceptional performance during the T20 World Cup in Melbourne last year stands as a testament to his ability to thrive under pressure.

Kohli’s Encounter with Pakistan’s Pace Attack

  • In T20I matches against Pakistan since 2019, Kohli has faced a battery of fast bowlers, including Naseem Shah, Shaheen Afridi, Haris Rauf, Hasan Ali, Mohammad Hasnain, and Shahnawaz Dahani.
  • Impressively, he has scored 158 runs from 110 balls, with only one dismissal – a remarkable feat against Pakistan’s formidable bowling lineup.
  • Notably, it was Shaheen Afridi who managed to dismiss Kohli during the 2021 T20 World Cup after he had scored a half-century.


As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the India-Pakistan match in the Asia Cup 2023, the true showdown will take place on the field. Shadab Khan’s response to Ajit Agarkar’s assertion underscores the heart of cricket – a sport built on unpredictability and dramatic turns. While words can spark excitement, it’s the batsman’s skill and the bowler’s precision that will ultimately decide the outcome.


How has Virat Kohli fared against Pakistan’s pacers in recent matches?

Virat Kohli has showcased exceptional performance against Pakistan’s pace attack, amassing 158 runs from 110 balls in T20I contests since 2019.

Who made the statement “Kohli will take care of them,” and what did it refer to?

Ajit Agarkar, the chief selector of the Indian cricket team, made the statement, referring to India’s strategy against Pakistan’s star bowlers, Shaheen Afridi and Haris Rauf.

What was Shadab Khan’s response to Agarkar’s statement?

Shadab Khan responded with skepticism, highlighting that actions on the field hold more significance than mere words.

Has Kohli been dismissed by Shaheen Afridi before?

Yes, Kohli was dismissed by Shaheen Afridi during the 2021 T20 World Cup.

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