Ashes 2023 : England’s Jonny Bairstow Protects Lord’s Pitch, Praised as a Hero

Ashes 2023 : In a surprising turn of events during the second Ashes 2023 Test at Lord’s, England’s Jonny Bairstow was hailed as a hero for his quick actions in protecting the pitch. Bairstow intervened when a pair of climate activists from the group “Just Stop Oil” breached the outfield and attempted to disrupt the match. His swift response prevented the activists from reaching the pitch, avoiding potential interruption or cancellation of the game. This article explores the incident, the role played by Bairstow, and the significance of his actions.

Ashes 2023 : The Pitch Invasion Incident

During the second Ashes 2023 Test at Lord’s, two protesters from the activist group “Just Stop Oil” managed to breach the outfield and attempted to disrupt the match. Before the second over of the opening day, the activists ran onto the field from the Lord’s Grandstand, sprinkling their trademark orange powder on the grass. Their intention was to raise awareness and draw attention to their cause, which aims to end new oil and gas exploration in the North Sea.

Ashes 2023 : Bairstow’s Heroic Intervention

Jonny Bairstow, the wicketkeeper for the England cricket team, quickly intervened as soon as the activists reached the outfield. He swiftly grabbed one of the demonstrators and carried them off the playing surface, earning cheers from the crowd. The other invader was apprehended by stewards, while a third individual was tackled before making it onto the field.

Tongue’s Appreciation for Bairstow

Josh Tongue, a pace bowler playing in only his second Test for England, expressed his admiration for Bairstow’s actions. He recognized the potential consequences if the activists had managed to reach and tamper with the pitch. Tongue referred to Bairstow as a hero, acknowledging that his swift response prevented further disruption to the match.

Ashes 2023 : Bairstow’s Bravery in the Face of Danger

Bairstow’s courageous actions garnered praise from his teammates and cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The England star demonstrated bravery by personally confronting the activists and ensuring the pitch remained untouched. In an interview, Tongue confessed that he wouldn’t have been as courageous as Bairstow, highlighting the potential risks involved in approaching individuals with unknown intentions.

Ashes 2023 : Just Stop Oil’s History of Sporting Protests

The group “Just Stop Oil” has a track record of disrupting sporting events to draw attention to their cause. They have previously targeted events such as the British Formula One Grand Prix, the English Premiership rugby union final, and even delayed the England team bus heading to Lord’s for the Test against Ireland. Their protests have ranged from tying themselves to goalposts during Premier League football matches to throwing orange powder on the green baize at the World Snooker Championship.

Ashes 2023 : Warner’s Surprise at Bairstow’s Involvement

Australia opener David Warner revealed that his team had been warned about the possibility of a pitch invasion by the activists. However, the players had been advised not to engage or physically handle the invaders. Warner expressed surprise at Bairstow’s moment of crowd control, stating that the players were instructed to stand away and not take matters into their own hands.

Ashes 2023 : The Importance of Protecting the Pitch

The incident highlighted the significance of protecting the cricket pitch from any form of tampering or damage. Had the activists successfully covered the pitch with the orange powder, it could have caused significant interruptions or even led to the cancellation of the match. Bairstow’s decisive actions prevented such an outcome and ensured the game could proceed without further disturbance.

Ashes 2023 : Australia’s Dominance in the Match

Following the protest incident, Australia took control of the game, reaching a total of 339-5 at stumps after England elected to bowl first in overcast conditions. The Australian team capitalized on the favorable conditions, and two late wickets from off-spinner Joe Root provided England with renewed hope.

Ashes 2023 : Joe Root’s Crucial Wickets

Joe Root, England’s captain and a proficient off-spinner, played a pivotal role in the match by taking two crucial wickets late in the day. Root’s bowling skills and strategic contributions helped England regain momentum and limit Australia’s scoring rate. His performance was crucial in keeping England in contention despite Australia’s dominant position.

Ashes 2023 : Challenging Bowling Conditions

The bowlers from both teams faced challenging conditions due to the overcast weather. The new ball swung significantly, making it difficult for batsmen to score freely. Australia’s opener David Warner, who scored 66 runs before being bowled by Josh Tongue, acknowledged the challenging nature of the bowling conditions. Despite the difficulties, Warner commended his team for sticking to their game plan and adapting to the conditions.


Jonny Bairstow’s heroic intervention during the second Ashes Test at Lord’s earned him praise and admiration for his quick thinking and bravery. His actions prevented potential disruption to the match and highlighted the importance of protecting the pitch from any form of tampering. The incident also shed light on the ongoing protests by “Just Stop Oil” and their history of disrupting sporting events to raise awareness about their cause.

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What is the purpose of the activist group “Just Stop Oil”?

The group aims to end new oil and gas exploration in the North Sea.

How did Jonny Bairstow prevent the activists from reaching the pitch?

Bairstow swiftly intervened, personally removing one of the activists from the playing surface.

Was Jonny Bairstow at risk of injury during the incident?

While Bairstow’s actions were bold, there was a potential risk involved in physically engaging with the activists.

How did Australia respond to the incident?

The Australian players were surprised by Bairstow’s involvement, as they had been instructed not to engage with the activists.

Why is it important to protect the pitch during a cricket match?

The pitch is a crucial component of the game, and any tampering or damage to it can significantly disrupt or even cancel the match.

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