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AR Rahman’s Concert in Chennai: A Night of Discontent and Disappointment

AR Rahman, the legendary music maestro, held a concert in Chennai on September 10 that left many of his devoted fans disheartened and frustrated. The event, which was meant to be a celebration of music, turned into an ordeal for many attendees, who took to social media to express their grievances. This article delves into the myriad issues that marred what was supposed to be an unforgettable evening.

AR Rahman’s Concert in Chennai: A Night of Discontent and Disappointment

The Outcry on Social Media

One of the primary complaints voiced by attendees was the insufficient volume levels during the performance. This left those positioned farther from the stage struggling to hear the music, diminishing the overall experience.The overcrowded venue led to a wave of panic attacks and anxiety among concertgoers. The lack of space, coupled with the surging crowd, created an environment that was far from conducive to enjoying the music.

Denied Entry and Torn Tickets

Reports emerged of ticket holders being denied entry to the concert, adding to the frustration of already disgruntled fans. Some went so far as to tear up their tickets in sheer exasperation.

Traffic Chaos

The aftermath of the concert saw the city plunged into a massive traffic jam. Organizers were accused of overselling tickets, exacerbating the congestion and leaving fans stranded in their vehicles for hours.

Manobala Vijayabalan’s Disheartening Video

Film trade analyst Manobala Vijayabalan shared a video of a disillusioned fan tearing up their concert tickets, painting a vivid picture of the profound disappointment experienced by many.

The Social Media Uproar

The discontent among attendees was so significant that the hashtag #ARRConcert started trending on various social media platforms. People flooded the internet with their grievances, creating a chorus of voices demanding accountability.

Chaotic Scenes and Fights

Attendees reported witnessing fights and chaotic scenes during the concert, further souring the atmosphere and adding to the overall sense of dismay.

Testimonials of Dissatisfaction

Organizational Failures

One fan didn’t mince words, labeling the concert as “very badly organized” and lamenting the wastage of both money and energy. She detailed the stress she endured due to fights and disturbances, along with the subpar sound quality.

Gold Ticket Holder’s Frustration

A Gold ticket holder shared their distressing experience of being unable to fully enjoy the show due to overcrowding and lack of space. This raised questions about the ticketing process and whether organizers oversold tickets.

AR Rahman’s Response

AR Rahman addressed the disheartened fans, urging those who faced entry issues to email their ticket purchase details along with their grievances to, promising a swift response from his team.

A Call for Change

In a heartfelt Instagram post, AR Rahman expressed his willingness to be the sacrificial goat, advocating for a transformation in Chennai’s live art scene. He emphasized the need for world-class infrastructure, efficient crowd and traffic management, and a safe environment for all attendees.


AR Rahman’s concert in Chennai, meant to be a celebration of music, turned into a night of discontent for many. The litany of issues, from low volume to overcrowding, left attendees deeply disappointed. Rahman’s call for change underscores the need for a renaissance in Chennai’s cultural scene.

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Will there be a refund for attendees who faced entry issues?

AR Rahman has urged fans to email their ticket purchase details along with their grievances for a prompt response from his team. Refunds may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What steps will be taken to prevent such incidents in the future?

AR Rahman has called for an overhaul of Chennai’s live art infrastructure, emphasizing efficient crowd and traffic management to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

How can organizers better prepare for large-scale events like this concert?

Adequate planning, crowd control measures, and robust ticketing systems are crucial to prevent issues like overcrowding and entry denials.

Will there be any compensation for fans who had a subpar experience?

While specific compensation details have not been provided,AR Rahman’s prompt response to fans’ grievances suggests a genuine commitment to address their concerns.

What can fans do to support Rahman’s vision for a thriving cultural scene in Chennai?

Fans can play a role by advocating for improved event management, supporting initiatives for better infrastructure, and promoting a culture of respect and adherence to rules during such events.

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