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Ahn Bo-hyun : BLACKPINK Member Jisoo Confirms Relationship with South Korean Actor Ahn Bo-hyun

In a surprising turn of events, BLACKPINK member Jisoo and South Korean actor Ahn Bo-hyun have confirmed their romantic relationship. The news sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry and had fans buzzing with excitement. Both celebrities’ respective agencies confirmed the news, and K-drama star Jung Hae-in reacted to the revelation. In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding this celebrity couple’s relationship and explore the reactions from the entertainment world.

Dispatch Korea’s Revelation

On Thursday morning, Dispatch Korea dropped a bombshell by posting photos of Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun together, confirming their relationship. The pictures showcased the couple’s affectionate moments, leaving no room for speculation. According to Dispatch Korea, the two have been dating since May of this year, keeping their romance under wraps until now.

Agencies Confirm the Relationship

After the photos surfaced online, both Jisoo’s agency, YG Entertainment, and Ahn Bo-hyun‘s agency, FN Entertainment, issued statements acknowledging the relationship. YG Entertainment stated that the couple shares ‘positive’ feelings towards each other and are currently getting to know each other better. FN Entertainment also confirmed that they are in the early stages of their relationship.

Jung Hae-in’s Reaction

In an interview with My Daily, K-drama star Jung Hae-in expressed his thoughts on the news. He admitted that he was not particularly interested in the dating lives of celebrities, including his own. Jung Hae-in emphasized the personal nature of love stories and stated that he hopes Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun‘s relationship continues to flourish. Despite his disinterest in celebrity relationships, Jung Hae-in conveyed his well-wishes to the new couple.

Pop Base Reports

Pop Base, a prominent news outlet, quoted Jung Hae-in as saying, “I was surprised seeing it on Naver before the interview. It’s still today’s main issue. I hope they continue their healthy and beautiful love.” The actor’s words further confirmed his good wishes for the couple’s relationship.

Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun’s Quality Time

Despite their busy schedules, Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun have made time for each other. Both have been seen spending quality time together, indicating the seriousness of their relationship. Their commitment to nurturing their bond has been well received by fans and the public.

Support from Fans

As the news of Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun’s relationship broke, fans from both BLACKPINK and Ahn Bo-hyun‘s fanbase flooded social media with messages of love and support. The overwhelming majority of fans have embraced the couple’s relationship, celebrating their happiness and wishing them well.

The Importance of Privacy

Celebrity relationships often attract significant media attention, leading to increased pressure on the individuals involved. It is crucial to respect their privacy and allow them the space to enjoy their relationship without unnecessary intrusion. Personal happiness should always be a priority, even for public figures.

Jung Hae-in’s Stance on Celebrity Relationships

Jung Hae-in’s candid remarks about his indifference towards celebrity relationships highlight an essential aspect of being in the limelight. Maintaining a balance between personal and professional life becomes increasingly challenging for celebrities. Jung Hae-in’s perspective sheds light on the complexities they face.

Celebrity Relationships in the Public Eye

The media’s interest in celebrity relationships is not a new phenomenon. Over the years, numerous high-profile relationships have captured the public’s attention. From Hollywood to K-drama stars, the spotlight on famous couples can be both a blessing and a curse.

The Power of Positive Role Models

As celebrities, Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun now have the opportunity to be positive role models for their fans. By displaying a healthy and loving relationship, they can inspire others to prioritize emotional well-being and cherish meaningful connections.

The Support from the Entertainment Industry

The warm responses from fellow celebrities and entertainment agencies show the industry’s support for Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun‘s relationship. It reflects the acceptance and progress in the entertainment world, where relationships between celebrities are gradually becoming more normalized.

A New Chapter Begins

With the confirmation of their relationship, Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun embark on a new chapter of their lives. As they continue to explore their love for each other, their fans eagerly await the next milestones in their journey.


In a world where the private lives of celebrities are often under scrutiny, the confirmation of Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun‘s relationship serves as a reminder that love is a personal and beautiful experience, regardless of one’s status. As we celebrate their happiness, let us also respect their privacy and wish them all the best in their journey together.

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When did Dispatch Korea reveal Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun’s relationship?

Dispatch Korea shared the news on a Thursday morning.

How long have Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun been dating?

The couple has been dating since May of this year.

What were Jung Hae-in’s thoughts on the news?

Jung Hae-in expressed his well-wishes for the couple and emphasized his disinterest in celebrity relationships.

How did fans react to the news?

Fans from both BLACKPINK and Ahn Bo-hyun’s fanbase showed overwhelming support and love for the couple.

How are Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun handling their relationship amidst busy schedules?

Despite their hectic schedules, both have made time for each other and are committed to their relationship.

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