know about Harriet Hageman, who defeated Liz Cheney in Wyoming's GOP primary

The next representative from Wyoming in the U.S. House is probably going to be Harriet Hageman.

She defeated incumbent Representative Liz Cheney on Tuesday in the Republican primary with the support of former President Donald Trump.

Unofficial results show that Hageman defeated Cheney by around a 30-point margin.

The winner of this primary is expected to prevail in the general election because Wyoming has a history of supporting conservative candidates.

Harriet Hageman: Who is she?

The ranch where Hageman grew up was close to Fort Laramie, Wyoming.

She graduated from the University of Wyoming College of Law with a juris doctor in 1989 and a bachelor of science in business administration in 1986, respectively. She worked as a legal assistant.

According to the archives of Iowa State University's women in political communication, Hageman, 59, has practised law in the private sector in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado.

According to Ballotpedia, she is an attorney specialising in natural resources, and she and her former business partner Kara Brighton co-founded Wyoming Conservation Alliance in 2004.

According to Ballotpedia, the group's objective was to "promote citizen participation at both the state and federal regulatory level."

In 2018, she attempted to become the state's governor, but she lost in the primary.