September 8 is celebrated as World Physiotherapy Day, established in 1996 to honor the founding of World Physiotherapy in 1951.

The day symbolizes unity within the global physiotherapy community.

World Physiotherapy Day acknowledges the significant contributions of physiotherapists to individuals and communities.

It serves as a platform for advancing knowledge within the profession.

Patient-centered care is a core principle of physiotherapy, emphasizing active patient involvement in their treatment.

Physiotherapy benefits individuals across all stages of life, addressing issues like back pain, acute injuries, chronic illnesses, and preparation for significant events.

Physiotherapists provide a range of interventions, including movement therapy, physical treatment, and counseling.

Specific situations call for physiotherapy, such as limited range of motion, persistent pain, post-surgery rehabilitation, and sports-related injuries.

The day serves as a tribute to the global physiotherapy community's dedication and unity, celebrating the transformative power of physiotherapy in improving lives.

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