World Pharmacist Day is celebrated annually on September 25th to honor and recognize the significant contributions of pharmacists to global health.

The theme for World Pharmacist Day in 2023 is "Pharmacy Strengthening Health Systems," highlighting the vital role of pharmacists in healthcare.

The event originated from the 2009 International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, emphasizing the critical importance of pharmacists and pharmacy professionals in healthcare.

The campaign for World Pharmacist Day is organized by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), and the theme is determined by the FIP Bureau each year.

In 2020, FIP introduced World Pharmacy Week to extend celebrations and acknowledge all sectors within the pharmacy profession.

Pharmacists go beyond dispensing medicines; they play a crucial role in educating the public about medicines and ensuring the safe use of healthcare and pharmacy products.

They act as advocates for global health awareness, contributing to the promotion of health literacy and safe healthcare practices on a global scale.

World Pharmacist Day serves as a reminder of the indispensable role pharmacists play in communities worldwide, often working behind the scenes in healthcare.

This special day is a platform to express gratitude and acknowledge the monumental impact pharmacists have on the broader healthcare landscape.

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