Jaahnavi Kandula, an Indian-origin student, met a tragic end in a road accident in Seattle, struck by a patrol car driven by officer Kevin Dave.

The incident caused shockwaves as a video surfaced showing Officer Auderer making callous remarks, laughing, and stating, “She had limited value” after the accident.

Jaahnavi, originally from Andhra Pradesh, was pursuing a master’s degree at Northeastern University in South Lake Union, Seattle.

Her educational journey was made possible by the sacrifices of her single mother, who took on financial debt to support her studies.

The accident occurred on January 23, with the patrol car speeding at 74 mph while responding to an overdose report.

Jaahnavi's body was thrown over 100 feet from the point of impact, and despite efforts, she succumbed to her injuries.

India has expressed deep concern over the handling of Jaahnavi Kandula's tragic death and is actively engaging with local authorities for justice.

The Northeastern University community, deeply affected by the loss, is uniting to remember and honor Jaahnavi's memory.

There is a renewed focus on implementing measures to prevent similar accidents involving law enforcement officers, including discussions on reforms and training programs.

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