Violence rocked West Bengal's rural areas during the panchayat polls, resulting in 12 deaths and incidents of ballot box vandalism.

The casualties included eight individuals affiliated with the ruling TMC and one worker each from the BJP, CPI(M), and Congress.

The panchayat polls saw a significant turnout, with a recorded 66.28 percent participation rate by 5 pm.

West Bengal has a three-tier panchayat system comprising gram panchayats, panchayat samitis, and zilla parishads.

The state has 63,229 gram panchayat seats, 9,730 panchayat samiti seats, and 928 zilla parishad seats distributed across its districts.

Political parties such as the TMC, BJP, CPI(M), and Congress actively participated in the elections, vying for victories in different regions.

The Election Commission of West Bengal played a crucial role in organizing and managing the panchayat polls.

The polls faced challenges and controversies, including allegations of voter intimidation, booth capturing, and irregularities in the nomination process.

The incidents of violence and disruptions have significant implications for democracy, raising concerns about the integrity of elections.

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