BTS V's solo debut mini album "Layover" was released on September 8th at 1PM KST.

The title track "Slow Dancing" garnered immense praise from fans worldwide.

The regular album surpassed 1.7 million copies sold, according to the Hanteo Chart.

The Weverse version of the album achieved nearly 700,000 copies in sales.

V's solo debut album achieved a historic milestone with over 2 million sales on the release day.

"Slow Dancing" captivated fans globally with its mesmerizing choreography and soulful vocals.

V's music transcends language barriers, attracting a diverse fanbase from around the world.

"Layover" offers a diverse range of musical experiences, from poignant ballads to up-tempo anthems.

BTS V's solo debut with "Layover" sets a new standard in the music industry and marks a significant milestone in his career.

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