Chiranjeevi's debut as a leading actor was in the film "Subhalekha" (1982).

"Vijetha" (1985) showcased Chiranjeevi's emotional depth and versatility.

Collaborating with K. Viswanath, "Swayamkrushi" (1987) portrayed an inspiring journey.

"Aapadbandhavudu" (1992) highlighted themes of selflessness and compassion.

Chiranjeevi's dynamic presence shone in "Muta Mestri" (1993), earning him acclaim.

The dual role in "Sneham Kosam" (1999) displayed Chiranjeevi's seamless transition.

"Indra" (2002) became an industry hit, showcasing his charismatic performance.

"Shankar Dada MBBS" (2004) displayed Chiranjeevi's comic brilliance.

Chiranjeevi's legacy continues to inspire generations in Telugu cinema.

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