Shashi Tharoor views the 18th G20 Summit as a diplomatic triumph for India.

Tharoor commends India's ability to achieve consensus on the New Delhi Declaration, despite initial skepticism.

The Congress MP highlights India's success in averting a potential setback by securing a joint communique.

Tharoor praises the government's unique approach in making the G20 a "people's G20" with nationwide events.

He raises concerns about the ruling party's attempt to politically instrumentalize the summit for their benefit.

Prime Minister Modi's proposal for a virtual G20 session in November is met with Tharoor's scrutiny.

Tharoor criticizes the exclusion of opposition leaders from the G20 event, considering it a failure of accommodation and conciliation.

The New Delhi Declaration symbolizes a significant diplomatic milestone for India.

Tharoor's assessment sheds light on the intricate interplay between international diplomacy and domestic politics in India.

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