"Jawan," starring Shah Rukh Khan, is generating high anticipation in the Bollywood film industry.

The upcoming G20 Summit in Delhi, scheduled for September 9-10, may impact the film's release.

Security restrictions are expected during the Summit, particularly in parts of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) area.

Four iconic PVR theaters in Delhi, including PVR Plaza and Odeon, will remain closed during the Summit.

While these closures are a minor setback, they could affect the ambiance and experience for "Jawan" fans.

Despite the Summit, "Jawan" has already sold a significant number of tickets, with early estimates suggesting a strong opening.

The film is expected to perform well, with experts predicting it may surpass the opening day earnings of "Pathaan."

Miraj Cinema has experienced record-breaking ticket sales for "Jawan," with 28,000 tickets sold.

"Jawan" promises to deliver a memorable cinematic experience, thanks to Shah Rukh Khan's star power and an engaging storyline.

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