Haryanavi singer Raju Punjabi passed away at the age of 40 in a Haryana hospital.

He was initially admitted for jaundice treatment but his health deteriorated.

Singer KD Desi Rock shared an emotional plea for Raju's recovery.

Fans expressed shock and grief over the loss of the musical icon.

Raju Punjabi was known as the "king of tunes" and left an indelible mark on music.

His significant contributions to the Haryanvi music industry were widely recognized.

Fond memories and heartfelt tributes poured in from fans and fellow artists.

Raju's final song, "Aapse Milke Yaara Humko Accha Laga Tha," held special significance.

His iconic songs like "Aacha Lage Se," "Desi Desi," and "Tu Cheez Lajawab" defined an era.

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