APJ Abdul Kalam, known as the 'Missile Man' and 'People's President,' passed away due to a cardiac arrest in 2015.

He left a lasting impact on the field of science and was dedicated to inspiring youth through hard work.

Dr Kalam's early life was marked by financial struggles, but his fascination with aerospace and science was evident from a young age.

He pursued a Physics degree and later aeronautical engineering, which led to his remarkable career in rocket and missile technology.

As the project director for SLV-3, he achieved the successful deployment of the Rohini satellite, putting India in the Space Club.

Kalam's contributions to ballistic missiles and launch technology earned him the title 'Missile Man of India.'

He served as India's 11th President, known for his warm and approachable nature, especially with the youth.

Dr Kalam introduced the PURA model to bridge the urban-rural divide and improve livelihood prospects in rural areas.

Dr Kalam was an esteemed educator, authoring influential books, and his legacy continues to inspire generations worldwide.

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