Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Biporjoy moved towards Rajasthan after causing destruction in Gujarat's Kutch region.

The cyclone did not result in human casualties, but a father-and-son goatherd duo lost their lives while rescuing their flock.

Biporjoy holds the record for being the longest-lived cyclone in both pre- and post-monsoon Arabian Sea.

The wind speed reached a maximum of 108 kmph and averaged around 70 kmph, with 60 kmph in Dwarka city.

Over 20 electricity poles fell, leading to power outages in 940 villages.

There were 22 reported injuries and 23 cattle deaths due to the cyclone.

The cyclone disrupted the supply chain of milk, and the power supply has been completely out since 3 am.

People were evacuated from low-lying areas to ensure their safety.

Rescue and relief operations commenced on June 16 to assist those affected by the cyclone.

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