Marathi actor Ravindra Mahajani was found dead in his Talegaon residence near Pune.

The police suspect that Mahajani had passed away three days before his body was discovered.

The police responded to complaints from neighbors about a foul smell coming from Mahajani's locked flat.

The authorities broke open the door and found the lifeless body of the actor.

Doctors estimated that Mahajani had died approximately three days prior to the discovery.

Mahajani's body will be handed over to his family for the last rites after the completion of the autopsy.

Ravindra Mahajani had a successful career in the Marathi film industry, appearing in notable films such as "Mumbai cha Fauzdar," "Zoonj," and "Kalat Nakalat."

Mahajani's son had been trying to reach him, but his calls went unanswered.

The sudden demise of Ravindra Mahajani has left a void in the Marathi film industry and saddened his fans and colleagues.

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