Ratan Tata, a scion of Persian heritage, has upheld and elevated the 155-year-old legacy of the Tata Group into a trillion-dollar business empire.

His career began with a call from JRD Tata, which led him to join the Tata Group despite lacking a structured resume.

Ratan Tata faced skepticism and challenges when he became Chairman in 1991 but proved his worth through innovative ideas and unwavering vision.

His leadership coincided with India's economic liberalization, allowing him to revitalize and reshape the Tata Group's businesses.

Ratan Tata's early life was marked by privilege and strong moral values instilled by his grandmother.

He received his education in the United States, which had a significant impact on his future.

Despite initial ambitions in the U.S., he returned to India due to family responsibilities and began his journey within the Tata Group.

JRD Tata's call opened doors for him, leading him to work for Tata Industries and later Tata Steel.

His legacy includes numerous honors, including the Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan, and a commitment to philanthropy.

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