Ratan Tata and Shantanu Naidu share an exceptional friendship that defies generational boundaries.

Shantanu Naidu, the General Manager of Tata Sons, boasts an impressive academic and professional background.

Shantanu's journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and later a Master's in Business Administration.

His career at Tata started as an engineering intern, where he made significant contributions to design guidelines.

Shantanu's passion for animals led him to start Motopaws, a venture that aimed to make dogs more visible at night.

Ratan Tata's support for Motopaws, including investment, strengthened their friendship.

Motopaws achieved remarkable success, developing anti-poaching devices and reflective dog collars.

Shantanu also founded Goodfellows, an initiative to assist elderly individuals living alone.

Their friendship serves as a testament to the power of connections that transcend age and expectations.

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