NASA unveils unprecedented image of Shackleton Crater, a milestone in lunar exploration.

ShadowCam and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) collaborate for detailed lunar mapping.

ShadowCam, with 200 times greater light sensitivity than LROC, reveals hidden lunar features.

Shackleton Crater mosaic created from images captured by both cameras, providing comprehensive lunar map.

LROC, operational since 2009, excels in detailed lunar surface imaging but struggles in shadowed regions.

ShadowCam, aboard Korea Aerospace Research Institute's Danuri spacecraft, launched in 2022, excels in low-light conditions.

ShadowCam reveals features by leveraging sunlight bouncing off lunar geological formations or being reflected from Earth.

Mosaic exposes Shackleton Crater's floor and walls in detail, courtesy of ShadowCam, while illuminated zones owe to LROC.

Perpetually shadowed regions of the Moon, suspected to hold ice deposits, become accessible for scrutiny.

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