Early morning shows of Tamil hero Sivakarthikeyan's film "Maaveeran" and its Telugu version "Mahaveerudu" have been canceled across the USA and Hyderabad.

The cancellation is due to a last-minute delay in delivering the content required for the screenings.

Efforts are being made by the film's production team, distributors, and theater owners to resolve the issue promptly.

Fans were disappointed by the unexpected cancellation as they were eagerly anticipating the release of the films.

The cancellation highlights the importance of effective coordination and communication in the film distribution process, especially for simultaneous international releases.

"Maaveeran" is directed by Madonne Ashwin, while the Telugu version "Mahaveerudu" is also directed by the same director.

Aditi Shankar, daughter of director Shankar, plays the leading lady in both films.

Acclaimed Tamil filmmaker Mysskin portrays a negative role in "Maaveeran" and "Mahaveerudu."

The cast and crew of the films consist of talented individuals, adding to the anticipation surrounding the movies.

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