Mark Margolis, the talented actor known for his portrayal of Hector Salamanca in "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul," passed away at 83.

He died at a New York hospital on August 4th following a brief illness, surrounded by his wife and son.

Margolis is survived by his wife Jacqueline, whom he was married to for 61 years, their only child Morgan, and their three grandsons.

The official "Breaking Bad" social media account paid tribute to Margolis, recognizing his immense talent in bringing the character of Hector Salamanca to life.

Bryan Cranston, who starred in "Breaking Bad," led the tributes, praising Margolis as both a great actor and a wonderful human being.

In "Breaking Bad," Margolis portrayed the patriarch of the Salamanca family, a drug-smuggling cartel, who becomes wheelchair-bound after being poisoned by a rival.

Born in Philadelphia in 1939, Margolis found success as a character actor, appearing in various films and TV series, receiving an Emmy nomination for his role in "Breaking Bad" in 2012.

Margolis's portrayal of Hector Salamanca left a lasting impact on television history.

Mark Margolis's passing marked the end of an era for the entertainment world, leaving behind a legacy of talent and dedication.

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