Lunar Mysteries Solved by Chandrayaan-3's ChaSTE!


Hold on tight as we uncover the hidden mysteries of the moon's thermal behavior, straight from the ChaSTE payload's observations!

Hot Lunar Secrets Revealed!

Journey to the lunar south pole, where ChaSTE's groundbreaking data is rewriting the book on moon exploration!

Lunar South Pole: The Epicenter of Discovery!

Unbelievable temperature variations at your fingertips! ChaSTE's innovative probe digs deep, revealing lunar heat patterns like never before.

Moon's Temperature Chronicles!

Buckle up for the ultimate lunar experience! ChaSTE's technology is setting a new standard for lunar exploration.

ChaSTE Payload: Lunar Game Changer!

Visualize the moon's thermal dance! ChaSTE's data comes to life, showcasing the moon's temperature shifts in captivating detail.

Graphical Marvel: Lunar Heat Unveiled!

Prepare to be blown away by the lunar revelations that ChaSTE's temperature sensors are delivering—get ready to rethink the moon!

Mind-Blowing Lunar Insights!

Discover the science behind the scenes as we delve into the collaborative magic between SPL and PRL driving the ChaSTE mission.

ChaSTE Collaborative Powerhouse!

Dive into the Lunar Marvel!

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