Lionel Messi led Inter Miami to a 3-1 victory against Orlando City in the Leagues Cup match

Despite a rain delay, Messi wasted no time in making an impact with a swift left-footed goal.

A collision with Orlando City's Mauricio Pereyra raised concerns, but Messi showed resilience and continued playing.

Messi's goal in the match extended his goal-scoring streak to five goals in three games for Inter Miami.

His arrival at the club has significantly boosted the team's attacking prowess.

Messi's partnership with players like Josef Martinez and Robert Taylor has been instrumental in the team's successes.

Inter Miami's fans are excited to witness the footballing genius in action.

The Argentine star's exceptional goal-scoring abilities and playmaking skills have raised expectations for the season.

With Messi on their side, Inter Miami's fans eagerly anticipate more moments of magic on the field.

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