Tropical Storm Lee has intensified into a powerful hurricane, raising concerns in the northeast Caribbean.

Lee's transformation from a mild storm to a potent hurricane has been rapid, with sustained winds of 120 kmph.

It is located approximately 1,815 kilometers east of the northern Leeward Islands and moving west-northwest at 22 kmph.

Current projections do not indicate a direct landfall, but the British Virgin Islands are on high alert due to past hurricane damage.

Lee has the potential to escalate into a Category 5 hurricane, the highest level of intensity.

Lee is the twelfth named storm in the Atlantic hurricane season, extending from June 1 to November 30.

The storm is expected to generate life-threatening swells, particularly affecting the Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, and the US and British Virgin Islands.

Uncertainties remain regarding Lee's precise impacts, emphasizing the need for cautious preparation.

AccuWeather has revised its forecast, now projecting three to five Category 3 or stronger hurricanes for the season.

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