Kim Kardashian attended Lionel Messi's debut game for Inter Miami.

She also traveled to Osaka, Japan, to watch Cristiano Ronaldo's pre-season match against PSG.

Kardashian's presence at both games garnered significant attention from fans and media.

During the match in Osaka, she and her son had an impromptu interview with Ronaldo superfan and YouTube star, Speed.

Kardashian's son declared Ronaldo as the best of the two footballing legends, while she diplomatically admired both players equally.

The famous 'siuu' celebration, a signature move of Ronaldo, was not witnessed by the local fans during the match.

Throughout the interviews and conversations, Kim Kardashian expressed respect and admiration for both Messi and Ronaldo.

She had a great time at both football events, adding glamour and allure to the sporting occasions.

Kim Kardashian's presence at the matches showcased the intriguing convergence of the entertainment and football worlds.

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