India's top court stayed Rahul Gandhi's defamation conviction, providing a reprieve for the opposition leader.

The conviction related to a speech Gandhi made during an election campaign in 2019, where he referred to thieves as having the same surname as Prime Minister Modi.

The Congress party, led by Gandhi, alleged that the case was politically motivated, with Modi using the courts to target and silence his critics.

Gandhi's suspension as a lawmaker led to legal battles to regain his position in Parliament.

Indian law allows lawmakers to be disqualified for election offenses or if convicted of any other offense and sentenced to two years or more.

The disqualification threatened to weaken the opposition's challenge against Modi's government.

Gandhi's efforts to revive the Congress party included walking 3,500 kilometers across India to reconnect with voters.

The Congress party's success in crucial state elections in Karnataka encouraged the formation of the INDIA alliance to challenge Modi in upcoming elections.

The Supreme Court's stay on the conviction allows Gandhi to potentially contest the 2024 elections against Prime Minister Modi.

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