How to Pay the Lowest Possible Rate for Apple iPhone 15


The iPhone is often cheaper in the US and Canada due to lower taxes and import duties, so consider buying from there if you have friends or family visiting.

Compare International Prices

Prices vary within the US due to state tax rates, so check different states for potential savings.

Consider Tax Variations

HDFC cardholders in India can enjoy a Rs 5,000 discount on standard iPhone 15 models.

Bank Discounts

Exchange rates can significantly affect prices. Look for countries where the local currency is strong against the dollar.

Exchange Rate Impact

Dubai's duty-free status makes it a good option for international travelers. Compare prices across stores.

Dubai Shopping

Keep an eye out for seasonal discounts, like Black Friday in the US or Dubai Shopping Festival, for potential savings.

Wait for Discounts

Consider SNPL schemes, like Multipl, which allow you to invest for your iPhone purchase over time instead of paying EMI.

Save Now Pay Later (SNPL)

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