Historic Release: Donald Trump's criminal mug shot was released after being booked on charges related to the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

Unsmiling Image: The mug shot captured an unsmiling Trump, making it a powerful visual contrast to his usual appearances.

Social Media Reaction: Trump posted the mug shot on his now-banned Twitter account, with the message "ELECTION INTERFERENCE! NEVER SURRENDER!"

Legal Battle: Trump faces 13 felony counts in the Georgia case, including racketeering, for pressuring officials to reverse his election loss.

Unique Occurrence: Having a mug shot taken during his arrest in the Georgia case was a first for any serving or former US president.

Emotional Response: Trump expressed sadness and frustration, labeling the situation a "travesty of justice" and asserting his innocence.

Ongoing Influence: Despite legal challenges, Trump's political influence remains strong, with rivals willing to support him as the party's nominee.

Previous Legal Issues: Trump managed to avoid mug shots in his previous arrests this year, including charges in New York, Florida, and Washington.

Enduring Significance: The release of Trump's mug shot is a historic event, symbolizing a unique moment in American political history.

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