Reports about the death of former Zimbabwean cricketer Heath Streak were proven to be a hoax.

Confirmation of Streak's survival came from his ex-teammate Henry Olonga, who refuted the rumors on social media.

 Olonga's statement clarified that the news of Streak's death was greatly exaggerated and that he is alive.

Henry Olonga had previously broken the news of Streak's supposed passing on social media.

Olonga's tribute to Streak mourned his loss and celebrated his contributions to cricket.

Heath Streak was a prominent figure in cricket, achieving 1990 runs and 216 wickets in Test matches.

In 2021, Streak faced expulsion from cricket for violating anti-corruption guidelines set by the International Cricket Council.

Despite the setback, Streak continued to contribute to cricket as a coach for various teams, including Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and the Kolkata Knight Riders.

Streak's legacy included captaining Zimbabwe's cricket team from 2000 to 2004 and leaving a lasting impact on the sport's history.

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