"Heart of Stone" offers a thrilling summer superspy experience, following in the footsteps of "Mission: Impossible."

Gal Gadot stars as Rachel Stone, an agent of the secretive intelligence agency known as the Charter.

The film showcases global destinations like the Italian Alps, Lisbon, Senegal, and Iceland, delivering stunning visuals.

Action sequences, including a wingsuit skydive, add to the movie's high-octane appeal.

"Heart of Stone" contrasts with "Dead Reckoning" by embracing digital innovation and algorithmic storytelling.

Netflix hosts the film, presenting a borderless intelligence agency suited for the modern streaming era.

Directed by Tom Harper, the movie's Bond-like opening scene introduces Gal Gadot's character as an unexpected action star.

The Charter's secret weapon, the Heart, is a quantum computer with advanced hacking abilities and real-time scenario processing.

Despite its engaging elements, "Heart of Stone" falls into familiar territory, lacking distinctiveness in its narrative and execution.

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