Mason Greenwood and Manchester United have mutually agreed on his departure after a six-month investigation into his conduct.

A probe was launched following Greenwood's arrest on suspicion of rape and assault, but the charges were later dropped.

Manchester United revealed that the material posted online did not support the initial charges against Greenwood.

Despite being cleared of the charges, both parties decided it was best for Greenwood to leave the club.

Greenwood's departure from Old Trafford aims to avoid distractions for the team and help his career thrive elsewhere.

The 21-year-old's contract, valid until 2025, remains intact, but he is unlikely to play for Manchester United again.

Potential options include loan offers or a permanent move to another team for Greenwood.

Greenwood stated that he did not commit the accused actions and acknowledged the best decision was to leave the club.

The club will continue to provide support to both the alleged victim and Greenwood as they move forward from this situation.

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