Gigi Hadid, a renowned United States model, was arrested for possession of marijuana while on vacation in the Cayman Islands.

The arrest occurred when officials searched her luggage on suspicion of illegal substance possession.

"Ganja and utensils used for the consumption of ganja" were discovered during the search.

Gigi Hadid and her friend were arrested on suspicion of Importation of Ganja and Importation of Utensils used for the consumption of ganja.

They were taken to the Prisoner Detention Center but later released on bail.

Gigi Hadid and her friend pleaded guilty during the court proceedings on 12 July.

They were fined $1,000 and faced no additional charges.

Gigi Hadid's representative clarified that the marijuana in her possession was legally acquired in NYC with a medical license.

Gigi Hadid continues to enjoy her time on the island, and her record remains clear.

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