Gautam Gambhir opens up about his relationship with Virat Kohli after their heated exchange during IPL 2023.

The verbal spat between Gambhir and Kohli was purely on-field and had no personal animosity.

Past confrontations between Gambhir and Kohli add to the intensity of their IPL rivalry.

Kohli's heated exchanges with other players, including Naveen-ul-Haq and Kyle Mayers, highlight his aggressive temperament.

Both Gambhir and Kohli were fined 100% of their match fees for breaching IPL code of conduct.

Gambhir believes that on-field fights should stay within the cricket field and not be blown out of proportion.

The incident serves as a reminder of the competitive spirit and intensity in high-profile cricket matches.

The article emphasizes the importance of maintaining decorum and sportsmanship during IPL matches.

Gambhir dismisses the need for clarifications or explanations, considering such incidents as part of the game.

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