"Made In Heaven" Season 2 returns with weddings, truths, and drama, but does it match the impact of Season 1?

Season 1 recap: A blend of realism and glamour, exploring personal struggles amidst wedding planning.

Tara and Karan face business challenges in Season 2, hire new partners to keep momentum.

Unveiling layers: Personal struggles and professional hurdles create engaging storylines.

Tara and Karan's personal lives in disarray, romance takes a backseat but hope remains.

Seven episodes showcase diverse versions of 'happily ever after' and complex wedding stories.

Themes include racism, Dalit community equality, infidelity, polygamy, and lesbian weddings.

Creators and directors skillfully weave themes without overwhelming viewers.

Grandeur escalates with a Bollywood wedding in the French Riviera, show retains complexity and intrigue.

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