Over 12 crore litres of surplus water in the Sarasvati channel stored in three ponds developed by Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board (HSHDB).

Bohli pond stored over 8 crore litres, Marcheheri stored about 2.8 crore litres, and Rampura pond collected around 1.73 crore litres during recent floods.

Ponds played a vital role in reducing water flow in the Sarasvati channel, preventing floods in Thanesar City.

Muneesh Babbar, Executive Engineer of the board, stated that ponds aim to improve groundwater levels by channelizing and tapping surplus water.

Stored water will gradually soak into the land, improving groundwater levels and benefiting agriculture.

Dhuman Singh, vice-chairman of the board, highlighted plans to develop nine more ponds in Yamunanagar, Kurukshetra, and Kaithal districts.

The initiative aims to link unused village ponds near the channel to tap surplus water and prevent future floods.

Pragmatic and cost-effective solutions needed to protect people, livestock, and crops from recurrent flood cycles.

Replication of similar initiatives along other rivers and canals recommended to create a flood-resilient and water-secure future in Haryana.

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