Actor-couple Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif flew to the Maldives to celebrate Katrina's 40th birthday.

A fan named Aakriti Rana had an unexpected encounter with Vicky Kaushal during the flight.

Aakriti shared her experience on Instagram through a series of Reels.

Initially, the air hostess asked Aakriti to return to her seat due to turbulence.

Aakriti's friend encouraged her to approach Vicky, and she finally mustered the courage to do so.

Vicky Kaushal himself called out to Aakriti, leading her to the front of the aircraft.

Aakriti joyfully posed for a picture with Vicky, capturing the moment of their meeting.

Fans shared their own sweet encounters with Vicky Kaushal, praising his genuine and kind nature.

Vicky's gesture made Aakriti feel special, and she expressed her excitement in the Instagram post.

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