"Expendables 4": A nostalgic nod to '80s and '90s action cinema.

Influences from "Bad Boys for Life": Borrowed elements like casting, subplots, and character dynamics.

Lacks self-reflection: Despite borrowing elements, the film falls short of genuine introspection.

20 minutes of riveting action: Highlights an otherwise convoluted plot.

Plot Summary: The Expendables face a new adversary, Rahmat, in a race to prevent a catastrophic nuclear threat.

Complex spy thriller subplot: Involving Rahmat's superior, Ocelot, adds unnecessary convolution to the narrative.

Cinematic shortcomings: Poor cinematography and editing detract from the viewing experience.

Climactic action sequence on a container ship: Statham's performance shines as he dispatches foes with ruthless efficiency.

Audience Appeal: Likely to resonate with die-hard '80s action cinema fans, but may not engage a broader audience.

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