Filmmaker Antoine Fuqua envisions taking the "Equalizer" franchise internationally.

The action franchise, led by Denzel Washington, originated from a 1980s TV series.

After two successful films, totaling $382.7 million in box office revenue, the franchise looks to explore global territories.

Italy emerges as the chosen international location due to Denzel Washington's personal connection and affinity for the country.

Cinecittà Studios in Rome becomes a dream location for Fuqua to shoot, immersing in cinematic history.

Authenticity drives location choices, with Naples offering 1970s New York grit and Atrani providing picturesque charm.

McCall's bond with the village of Atrani mirrors the character's protectiveness and connection.

Atrani's medieval church, despite 700 steps, symbolizes commitment to showcasing real places and experiences.

"Equalizer 3" reflects the transformative journeys of both characters and creators, celebrating life's simple joys.

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