Demerger of Reliance Strategic Investments leads to a special pre-open session for Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL).

The session starts at 9 am and lasts for 60 minutes, allowing orders for RIL to be entered, modified, or canceled within the first 45 minutes.

The order matching period follows, determining the opening price based on an equilibrium price.

Eligible buy and sell limit orders are matched during the order matching period.

Order modification, cancellation, trade modification, and trade cancellation are not allowed during the matching period.

A buffer period of five minutes allows for a smooth transition from the special pre-open session to regular trading.

The session aims to find the value of RIL (excluding financials) and impacts the addition of Jio Financial Services (JFS) to Nifty.

JFS will be added to Nifty at a constant price derived from the difference between RIL's closing price and the special pre-open session price.

JFS will be listed on stock exchanges in the next 2-3 months at an estimated price range of Rs 150-Rs 190 per share.

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